The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 5.1.1 (TNG)

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG) 5.1.1 is now available for registered TNG 5.x users. TNG is an online genealogy colaboration application. It uses PHP and a database (MySQL, etc.) and allows families to collaborate on genealogy research – the data can be updated in realtime by authorized users, without having to upload anything and GEDCOM files for local use can be downloaded from this application- this is a true genealogy applications. It also provides an easy way for viewing genealogy information.

A big advantage TNG has over, say the output from an offline genealogy program, is that you do not have to upload and/or manage 100s or 1000s of individual files – you can make your changes online, or upload a GEDCOM file and us it to populate a family tree in TNG.

The biggest changes in version 5.1.1 are an improved installation procedure, and the Advanced Search now includes the ability to search on Spouse’s last/maiden name, and it has been further optimized to speed up searches.

What’s New

– The Statistics page was not sorting ages properly (fixed).
– Max length of each data line in GEDCOM export reduced to 245 chars so that entire line length could be less than 255
– Showing “Print” view, then changing language would bring “Print” view up again (fixed).
– “Make Default” and “Remove Default” functions were not working in Sort Photos (fixed).
– Notes linked to names were not displaying when notes were displayed with their corresponding events (fixed).
– New IDs (in New Person/Family/Source/Respository screens) are now uppercased after manual entry.
– Photos linked to living people and deceased families were showing up on the Family Group Sheet when user was not logged
in (fixed).
– Using the Tree as part of a report’s Criteria was causing a SQL error (fixed).
– The FAMC tag and LDS “seal to parents” data was not being written out on export (fixed).
– Overlapping relationships (ie, when cousins marry) were causing incorrect numbering on the Register report (fixed).
– Several pages still contained “short open tags” (fixed).
– The admin text message $admtext[DESI] mistakenly said “Submitter” instead of “Descendant Interest” (fixed).
– An “Add Photo” link was added to the Edit Source page to make it consistent with Edit Person and Edit Family.
– Any field in a report ending with “personID” will now be made a link to that individual.
-User registration notices were not coming in the default language (fixed).
– Including a name containing quotes in an image map would cause the map to break (fixed; double quotes replaced with
single quotes on the map).
– Exporting a GEDCOM with surname prefixes enabled was not separating out the prefixes (fixed).
– The Place Search icon (magnifying glass) was not being displayed on the Family Group Sheet under Nuke and other content
management systems (fixed).
– Improved installation procedure.
– Advanced Search now includes “Spouse’s Last Name” (thanks Holly!). Fields on this page are now a uniform length as
well, and search time has been further optimized.

Developer’s Note:
The biggest changes are the last two, although very few of you will be affected by the new installation procedure. The
language files were also affected here, so if you support multiple languages, you’ll want to get the new language files
as well, even though the 3 new messages (1 in admintext.php, 2 in text.php) are still in English in all files.

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