The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding 5.1.2 (TNG)

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG) 5.1.2 is available for registered TNG 5.x users. TNG is an online genealogy colaboration application. It uses PHP and a database (MySQL, etc.) and allows families to collaborate on genealogy research – the data can be updated in realtime by authorized users, without having to upload anything and GEDCOM files for local use can be downloaded from this application- this is a true genealogy applications. It also provides an easy way for viewing genealogy information.

A big advantage TNG has over, say the output from an offline genealogy program, is that you do not have to upload and/or manage 100s or 1000s of individual files – you can make your changes online, or upload a GEDCOM file and us it to populate a family tree in TNG.

What’s New

-Searching on Spouse’s Last Name (Advanced Search) did not work if criteria included a surname prefix (fixed).
-When displayed in the Search Results, the Spouse Name was not following name order rules and was not a valid link
-Searching on a custom event (Advanced Search) sometimes presented a SQL error (fixed).
-Headstone pages now break according to the “Max Search Results” value in the General Settings.
-Placement of ending DIV tags on pedigree charts corrected.
-The admin text message for the ANCI event was mislabeled as “Submitter” instead of “Ancestor Interest” (fixed).
-A link has been added on the “new registration” e-mail back to the Admin area.
-Notes and custom events for repositories were not being imported (fixed).
-The displayed number of total matches for a search was not correct if duplicates existed and more than one page of
results were returned (fixed).
-The localities listed on the Cemeteries page are now collapsible, and contain direct links to all cemeteries.
-Several MySQL 5.x compatibility issues were rectified.
-The Place Search now searches family events as well as individual events.
-The “showhistory.php” page (used to display a text-based history inside a template) now shows the names of all
individuals linked to that history.
-The “living” flag for new individuals was not being set on import when the “Do not recalculate living flag” option was
-Some places were not showing up in the place listings (fixed).
-Cemetery photos were not showing up if a “map” was not associated with the cemetery (fixed).
-Repository records were being duplicated because the “repoID” INDEX should have been a UNIQUE index (fixed).
-Surname prefixes were not being properly handled during GEDCOM export (fixed).
-Default home page now contains logic to only show Admin link if user is logged in as an administrator.
-Merging an individual with him or herself is no longer allowed (resulted in the individual being deleted).
-The field to indicate how many people/families/sources to link to a new photo/history/headstone is now a numeric
dropdown box.
-In a custom SQL report, any field ending in “personID” will now be a link to that individual.
-Source text exported in a GEDCOM would sometimes contain extraneous blank lines (fixed).
– A new language has also been added (Italian–how Olympic!).

Note from the developer:
And finally, I’ll be at the Computerized Genealogy conference at Brigham Young University (Provo, UT) on March 10 & 11,
so if you’re planning on being there, stop by the booth and say hi.

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