Behold 0.92 alpha

Behold Version 0.92 alpha from Louis Kessler is now available.

From the developer’s website:

Behold is a tool you’ll want for genealogy that allows you to work with and make use of all the family tree information you have gathered.

Behold will help you get and stay organized, and will be of invaluable help to you when you do your research.

Become efficient. Be organized. Save time. Research easier.



    * Change the Survey page into a Feedback page.
    * Start new forums for Problem Reports, Feature Suggestions, and Questions and Answers.
    * Update screenshots of Behold.
    * Update Future Plans list.


    * Impr: Make it obvious in the About Box when Behold has been activated for evaluation.
    * Ensure the Uninstall will undo any file associations the user made.
    * Color the Good Ideas box light gray instead of bright yellow and made it minimizable.
    * Make the Warning and Information dialogs work consistently.
    * Custom process the CONT and CONC tags so that line breaks and line concatenation are included.
    * Define most of the standard GEDCOM tags to give some basic text to display and eliminate most warnings for unspecified tags.


    * Show days left until alpha version expires in About Box for trial users.
    * Get the Check for New Version command to work.
    * Show Internet connection status with an icon in the status bar. Unique Feature – Only in Behold!
    * Implement web update. Rarely found in Genealogy Programs
    * Display GEDCOMs encoded with an ANSEL character set so that accented foreign language letters display correctly.
    * Document the new features in the Quick Start help and online.


    * Repair Menu bar color on XP machines from white to gray.
    * Get Behold to work on Windows 2000 machines by eliminating kernel32.dll references.
    * Connect the Help file to the menus and the F1 key.

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