Family Tree Legends 5

Family Tree Legends
Official Site: Family Tree Legends
Publisher: Pearl Street Software
Type: Windows Genealogy Application
Latest Version: Family Tree Legends 5.3.1 (January 25, 2008)
License/Cost: Free
System Requirements: Windows 95, 98, 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP, 166MHz CPU, 30MB Space, 32MB RAM

Generate Websites: Yes
Generate/Write CDs and/or DVDs: Yes

– Can connect to GenCircles and match ancestors
– Through “SmartMatching”, you can merge data from other genealogists, GenCircles, etc.

– Real-Time backup and internet publishing
– Track a large amount of medical information
– Address database
– Books/PDF EXport
– Scrapbook feature
– Can sync with Pocket Genealogist or GedStar Palm/Windows Mobile devices.
– “GenGrams” – Shend messages, images, etc., to other Family Tree Legend users.

“Intelligent File System”

Family Tree Legends uses a proprietary file system that virtually eliminates the possibility of your file becoming destroyed. Even if your system crashes while you’re editing your data, a transactional file system protects your file from corruption.

Version History:
Version 5.14 – 2005
Version 5.0 – November 16, 2005
Version 4.24 – May, 2005
Version 3.21 – May, 2004
Version 1.22 – March 7, 2003


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Developer’s Description:

Family Tree Legends version 5.0 is a powerful and sophisticated genealogy program designed to make it easy for you to collect, display, and organize information about your family history. Whether it’s notes, medical facts, pictures, or multimedia files, Family Tree Legends provides you with a single tool to capture every bit of information about the history of your family.

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