Brother’s Keeper 6.1.35

Brother’s Keeper has been updated to version 6.1.35. Brother’s Keeper is a Windows genealogy shareware program that will help you organize your family history information and let you print a large variety of charts and reports.

The biggest change is that now when you import a GEDCOM file, if it contains an invalid character line, Brother’s Keeper will continue to import the file, rather than stopping with an illegal function call error.


    * If doing custom list with field for paragraph 86 87 88 and you ask for New Events (on Register), and ask for Event Note or Witnesses, it was previously only printing Basic events with no Event Notes and no Witnesses

    * Fixed problem if you had over 30 general sources for one person or over 30 sources for one event

    * Fixed a problem on gedcom export if a source had an invalid Repository number

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