Brother’s Keeper 6.2.12

Brother’s Keeper version 6.2.12 is now available. Brother’s Keeper is a genealogy application for Windows and requires Windows 95 and up (including NT). This update is free for existing Brother’s Keeper 6x users.

You can download the new version here

* Added *.GIF to the picture list

* If you do a Word Search on the Event tab, you can search certain fields such as Divorced and No Children even when the date and location fields are blank
* If you are entering a Note on the To Do tab, and you change tabs before saving the Note, it will not be lost when you come back to the To Do tab.
* If you are entering a Note on the To Do tab, and you save the note, but the entire grid line is blank, and you move to another person without entering anything in the grid, the note will not be lost.

* The 10 March 2005 fix (about Divorce printing on Group sheets when the couple is Not Married) in BK 6.1 was not fixed in BK 6.2 until now.
* If you have the option set to show a Note for a Witness, the spouse name in the note was sometimes wrong when there was more than one spouse.

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