Brother’s Keeper 6.2.17

April 26, 2006

Brother’s Keeper version 6.2.17 came out yesterday. Brother’s Keeper is a Windows genealogy application, and this is a free update for existing Brother’s Keeper 6.x users. If you already have BK installed on your PC, check the “Help” and then “About” menus to see what version you have. This update consisted of three fixes and a change/update for Brazillian users.

– Fixed a problem where if a person had more than one spouse, and if you had a Family Note attached to one couple, then you changed to another spouse and added another Note, it would sometimes duplicate the same Note for both spouses.
– Sometimes on the Book reports, in the Norwegian version, if a couple was set up with a Common Law marriage, it would print the word “med” twice.
– When printing the Ahnentafel Book report, if you selected the option to have Notes printed with a blank line before and after each note, it was printing too many blank lines after.

– The Backup routine will also work with Windows XP Brazilian version.


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