GRAMPS 2.0.0

GRAMPS 2.0.0 has been released. This represents a major (stable) release. GRAMPS is a GNOME genealogy program for Linux and FreeBSD that allows you to easily build and keep track of your family tree.

Developer’s Notes:

The GRAMPS project is pleased to announce the 2.0.0 (“The Bright Side of Life”) release of GRAMPS, the Genealogical Research And Management Programming System. After more than a year of development, GRAMPS is releasing the new branch that becomes its “stable” series.

The development of 2.0.0 involved a lot of internal changes and took a long time. While the foundation is solid, there has been little user testing of this branch. Therefore, you are advised to keep a copy of your XML databases in safe place, just in case. We believe that this is an extra precaution, but we want our users to better be safe than sorry.

The 2.0.1 release is expected withing two weeks. If you find a bug, please report it and see it fixed in a fortnight.

GRAMPS is a GNOME genealogy program that allows you to easily build and keep track of your family tree. Whether you are new to genealogy or an experienced genealogist, GRAMPS should be able to meet your needs. Supporting databases of up to about 100000 people, GRAMPS can handle most family trees.

GRAMPS is capable of importing data from and exporting data to other genealogy programs using the GEDCOM interchange format. Reports can be generated in, HTML, PDF, AbiWord, Kword, RTF, LaTeX, and PostScript formats. All data is stored in Berkeley database, with backwards compatibile imports and exportts for the XML format used by the 1.0.x series. GRAMPS can be extended using a plugin system, supporting plugins written in the Python language.

Translations are available for Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish languages. The manual is available in English.


Changes from the 1.0.x series include:

    Berkeley database backend
    Changes are written to disk immediately
    Removal of alphabetical tabs
    Ability to add/remove/rearrange columns in list views
    Removal of Save function and addition of Undo
    Proper window management and removal of most modal windows
    Support for Tip of the Day
    Person-dependent context menus (right-click) in Pedigree View listing parents, children, spouses, and siblings
    Export wizard
    Built-in Find function in list views
    Date selector dialog
    Name editor enhancements: patronymic names and non-default grouping
    Recent file support (both gramps-specific and gnome-wide)
    Other database backends
    Native editing (in memory) for GRAMPS XML and GEDCOM formats
    New import and export filters available for the GeneWeb format.
    New report (Statistics Chart) added
    Persistent options for reports
    The new command line functionality (opening and report generation)
    Better date internationalization (date parsers available for French, Russian, and Spanish, with Finnish in the works).
    Better name internationalization (patronymics and non-default grouping).
    Mime types for formats known to GRAMPS.
    Schemas and proper structure for GConf keys, immediate preference effect.

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