Introducing Genmod (Genmod 1.0 Beta 2)

Genmod 1.0 Beta 2 – Genmod, which provides “users with a graphical interface to maintain and display their genealogy data through a web interface” is a program we’ve not mentioned before, and it’s nearing a full 1.0 release. It’s an open source web-based genealogy application that uses MySQL, PHP, Javascript, and CSS.

Genmod Discussion Forums – two posts you should read about what Genmod will be and what the goals are, here and here

Developer’s Note:

The time is drawing near for our next beta release. Version number 2 for those who are counting. This version is quite different in code from the previous one so we strongly recommend you to do a clean installation.

What has been added:
* Soundex codes added to DB
* Language files added to DB
* Genmod Sanity Check
* Soundex Search List Sort Option
* Userfilter on names in userlist

What has been changed:
* The colour scheme
* Admin menu layout

Furthermore the focus is on the stability and performance of the program. We have made many changes towards this goal. The loading speed of the index page has been greatly enhanced.

Full list of changes: Here at

You can download it here

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