Legacy Family Tree 5.0 Update (June 12, 2005)

Legacy Family Tree 5.0 has been updated. Areas updated includ: database, questionnaire report, name list, double-sided printing, internet searches, and picture handling.


    * Database – This build will convert family files to a newer format. It’s always a great idea to make backups before installing a new update.
    * Questionnaire Report – The inclusion of the Opening and Closing paragraphs is now optional. The Christening/Baptism field is also now optional.
    * Name List – There is a new option to display birth-death years on names in the Name List. This helps you find the person you are looking for when you have several people with the same name in the list. This option is on the View tab of the Customize Screen.
    * Double-sided printing of reports – There are now two options when printing duplex reports: Double-sided (vertical) and Double-sided (horizontal). Vertical prints a list-style report where the pages are turned vertically, and Horizontal prints a book-style report where the pages are turned horizontally.
    * Internet Searches – If the person you are searching for has no start date or ending date we no longer fill in 2005 as the ending year. Both start and end years are left blank.
    * Pictures – During the Check Picture Paths if a picture was not found and the user browses to and selects a picture with a different name we now save that new picture name. We were only saving the new path location but kept the original name. This allows you to link in a picture that was renamed.

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