Second Site v1.9 (build 7)

John Cardinal has released Build 7 of Second Site 1.9. This is a maintenance release, with a few fixes, and some new additions. Second Site is a Windows application that gives you control over how data from The Master Genealogist is published in HTML format (whether it’s for the web or for CD or DVD-ROMs that you distribute offline). There was no build 5 or 6 released publicly. This is a free update for existing customers, and is mainly a maintenance release.


* Added support for Portuguese sites
* Added support for Italian sites, with the caveat that there are no relationship sentences for Italian
* Added the Page Sizes.Name Index Surname Repeat property
* Changed ALT/TITLE text processing for exhibits: SS now removes HTML tags before setting the caption text as the ALT or TITLE text
* Changed the sentence engine to be more forgiving of duplicate language errors
* Changed the icon used in the name index that indicates the person has a primary image exhibit; the new icon is generic person profile

* Changed all Themes to use slightly different HTML and CSS for the surname character index to avoid alignment issues that occurred with specific Themes and alignment choices. If you have customized the appearance of the Surname Character Index in existing SDF files, you will have to reset the formatting via the Stylesheets section.
* Changed the Carla’s Graphics and Generic Graphics Themes to use different HTML that does not trigger the “no scroll to target” bug in Microsoft Internet Explorer As a result of the change, you may have to increase the Styles.Page Graphic Offset property to move the content of the page a little more to the right; if the value is set to 150, increase it to 160, for example.
* Changed the Narrative and Narration Formats to honor the Strings.Sentence Strings.Paragraph Indent property
* Fixed a bug where capitalization differences would result in extra surname breaks when using any Language.Sort Sequence other than ASCII
* Fixed a bug where SS was adding a comma to the value of [L] even when there was only a single place subfield in the value of [L]
* Fixed a bug where Second Site could not import VCF charts with filenames that include accented characters
* Fixed a bug where the Capitalize function (used in the Narrative Format) failed when the string passed to the function was empty

Information for Theme and Format Authors
* See the site.sss and surname_index_template.htm files in the Theme that is the most similar to your custom Theme for changes related to the surname character index; the “sci” style was renamed “charindex” and applied via a DIV that encloses the A elements
* If you have a custom Theme based on either the Carla’s Graphics or Generic Graphics Theme, you may have to modify your site.css file and scripts.ssi files.

In site.sss, the changes are near the top of the file and include changes for the HTML and BODY elements as well as the #border style.

In scripts.ssi, update the ContentStart() and ContentStop() functions.

In both cases, imitate the versions supplied with Second Site.

* The Narrative and Narration Formats now use the $strindent variable so that they honor the Strings.Sentence Strings.Paragraph Indent property

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