The Master Genealogist 6.0.3

The Master Genealogist 6.0.3 is available. This release is comprised of mainly fixes, along with a few changes and new items/updates, and is a free update for existing The Master Genealogist 6.x users.


    * Exhibit Log – Right-click menus were added to the Topic and Reference fields on the exhibit Properties General tab.
    * Exhibit Log – The exhibit Properties Description tab was updated to re-proportion the two fields and to add a label to the Description field.
    * The DNA Log Relative Genetics links were updated to reflect a change in the website.


    * As described in the last issue of this newsletter, the behavior of the [A] sentence variable has been changed to conform to that of TMG v6.01.


    * Working with the Expanded Picklists or Master Event List in some contexts could cause the program to appear to lock up.
    * Using the expanded memo field (F7) in some contexts could cause changes to the memo field to not be saved.
    * Prompts were not being centered in the program workspace. This could result in some or all of the prompt being hidden from view.
    * Fixed some problems associated with customizing the Add Person screen.
    * Circa dates with only years, or with only month and year, were printing in reports with the underscores for the missing months and days.
    * When the tag type of a name tag was changed, the output of the tag sentence in narrative reports would include unwanted characters such as [R=Principal][C= ,0 ,0 ]–$!&[R=Witness]. Note that the cause of this has been fixed. If you see this problem in a report, edit the appropriate tag, edit the sentence, select the sentence text and delete it, and, then, save the sentence and tag. The output problem will be corrected.
    * If a project name included periods (‘.’) and the project was merged with another project, Open dialogs occurred during the merge process and the merge was not successfully completed.
    * The Preferences settings for the Family View and Tree View font sizes were broken.
    * In some circumstances, the Tag Box could show incorrect check marks in the exhibit, witness, or sources columns
    * Tag Entry screen – If the cursor was in the memo field, F5 did not open the selected or first listed exhibit.
    * Editing a Name-Marr tag and adding a citation surety for the memo when the memo field was empty would result in the name being mis-sorted in the Project Explorer and Picklists.
    * If you 1) created a new tag with data in only the Memo, or 2) edited an existing tag, changing only the Memo text, then pressed Esc, there was no “Are you sure you want to lose the changes on this Screen?” prompt.
    * If you had a person with no primary parents but with one or more non-primary parents… If you edited and saved one of the non-primary relationship tags, it became primary.
    * In one context, the F4 key from the Tag Entry screen brought up the Tag Type List instead of the Citation screen.
    * On the Relationship tag Citation screen, the date (D) surety field was not grayed as it should have been.
    * A delay could occur when changing flags while the Project Explorer was filtered.
    * Fixed some cosmetic problems associated with the Data Set Manager, Master Repository List, and Exhibit Log.
    * Research Log – The F4 (Add), F5 (Edit) and F6 (Delete) shortcut keys didn’t work.
    * Fixed some problems with the new design of prompt windows.
    * UFT import – Exhibit captions were being imported to the Description field rather than the Caption field.
    * FTM import – Multiple parents for a child were all marked primary after import.
    * GEDCOM import:

    * The citation TEXT tag is now imported to the Citation memo field.
    * Illegal QUAY values (4 and above) are now sent to the .LST file for the import.
    * A certain data pattern in a GEDCOM created by Embla Family Treasures would result in erroneous relationship links after import.

    * GEDCOM export – The Export Wizard Step 7: Option screen 3 choices for places were redesigned to clarify the selection options.
    * Backup:

    * The .SQZ file comment was updated to reflect the correct TMG program version number.
    * The CUSTOMIZATIONS ONLY backup filename was corrected to reflect the correct TMG program version number.
    * Under Win98, Win98SE and WinME, backups which included the project inadvertently omitted most of the project data files.

    * Fixed a handful of more obscure bugs that were reported by users.

Developer’s Note:

This free v6.03.000 update requires a previous installation of v6.00.000 or later. (Users with a prior version must first apply the update to v6.00.000). To download and apply the update, run TMG, access the Help menu and choose “Check for an update.” Alternatively, you can choose “Check for a Program Update” from the Windows Start menu > The Master Genealogist group. The update will be applied automatically. Upon restarting, the startup screen will reflect a version number of “v6.03.000.”

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