GRAMPS 1.1.99 (unstable)

April 24, 2005

GRAMPS 1.1.99 has been released. GRAMPS is a GNOME genealogy program for Linux and FreeBSD that allows you to easily build and keep track of your family tree.

Version 1.1.99 is an unstable/beta release.

Version 1.1.99 — the “What… is your favourite colour?” release

    * Bug fixes
    * GEDCOM import fixes with parent/child relationships
    * Improved signaling interface to keep all displays in sync
    * Handle multiple selections in the Source View
    * Handle runtime errors from gnomevfs
    * translation improvements

Behold 0.92 alpha

April 18, 2005

Behold Version 0.92 alpha from Louis Kessler is now available.

From the developer’s website:

Behold is a tool you’ll want for genealogy that allows you to work with and make use of all the family tree information you have gathered.

Behold will help you get and stay organized, and will be of invaluable help to you when you do your research.

Become efficient. Be organized. Save time. Research easier.

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Legacy Family Tree 5.0 Update (14Apr2005)

April 14, 2005

Legacy Family Tree 5.0 has been updated. Among the changes, IGI Search has been updated, AutoSource (in regards to marriage information), Default Surnames, and Scrapbook Options.


    * IGI Search – Lot’s of great improvements were made to the new IGI Searching feature.
    * AutoSource – AutoSource will now add the source to the marriage information, the marriage notes, and all events when the “Add source to all incoming fields that have information” option is selected.
    * Default Surnames – Added a new option that allows users the ability to turn on/off the default surnames that get added to new Fathers or Children. See Options, Customize, Data Entry tab.
    * Scrapbook Options – The settings are now saved. Also added a Reset button.

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