The Master Genealogist v6.05

The Master Genealogist v6.05 is now available from Wholly Genes, Software. The Master Genealogist (TMG) is a Windows genealogy application. Version 6.05 is free for existing customers, but it does require v6.00 of TMG. To install the update, from within TMG 6.0+, select the “Help” menu and then select “Check for an update”, or you can select the “Check for a Program Update” option from the TMG’s Start Menu grouping. The update will then install, and a restart of TMG will be required.

* Tag Entry – A warning now occurs if, when saving the Tag Entry screen, the style assignment for an existing place could be changed.
* GEDCOM export – The links for most external exhibit types directly supported by the Exhibit Log, including text files and PNG files, will be exported to GEDCOM.
* Slideshow Manager – When an exhibit is added to the SSM from the Exhibit Log, the text in the Caption field will be copied to the Description field of the slideshow frame.
* DNA Log – The Relative Genetics templates and URLs were updated. Relative Genetics has added markers for all three or their tests. If you have recorded Relative Genetics data, you need to check to make sure that the data is recorded in the correct fields.


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Linux Genealogy Install CD 1.0

The GRAMPS Project has released the Linux Genealogy Install CD 1.0. This is the companion CD to the Linux Genealogy Live CD (mentioned here a few weeks ago), which allowed you to run Linux and genealogy programs that run under Linux off of a “Live” CD (meaning you didn’t have to install Linux to your computer, you just put the CD in and booted off of it. This CD allows you to install Linux and the genealogy programs previously mentioned.