Brother’s Keeper 6.2.10

Brother’s Keeper has been updated to version 6.2.10. This is a Windows-based genealogy application, and is free for registered users.

Fixed: One of the changes from 6.2.9 was not working correctly. The generation number of the first child was not correct in cases where the child had no children.

Changed:) Made some more changes for NGSQ option for Register report. When showing the lineage, it shows the surname of the immediately preceding ancestor where the surnames are different. It prints a . (period) after roman numberals and does not print a . (period) after registration numbers for the children. The children names are not printed in bold (there is an option to make them that way if you still prefer.) The superscript generation number after the given name is in italic, if NGSQ option is selected and if you output to RTF file. (It is not italic for preview or direct printing currently.) These changes are to make the report more closely conform to the NGSQ standards. There will be a few more changes for the NGSQ report also.

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