TreeDraw 3.1.4

February 10, 2008

TreeDraw has been updated to version 3.1.4.

TreeDraw is a Windows genealogy utility that generates and controls genealogy charts, including importing from genealogy applications (either linked to like Kith and Kin, or through GEDCOM files).

Changes in 3.1.4
* Bug fix: Re-fixed a problem running the program on systems without a C: drive.

This is a free update for registered users.


Clooz 2.0

May 17, 2006

Clooz 2.0 is now available (has been available actually). One major change – it now requires Windows XP (because it was rewritten in Visual Basic .Net). This is a very significant update to this genealogy helper application.

Clooz, in the words of the developer:

Clooz is a database for systematically organizing and storing all of the clues to your ancestry that you have been collecting over the years.

This is NOT another genealogy program! It is an electronic filing cabinet that assists you with search and retrieval of important facts you have found during the ancestor hunt.

Among the Changes:
– Several new templates (various census/schedules)
– Tax Records, Irish Tithe Applotments, and Voters’ Lists have been added as census substitutes
– Birth Records, Deeds, Marriage Records, Naturalization, Passenger List – Early, Passenger List – Later, and SSDI have been added to documents.
– Maps have been added
– The source templates are designed following the writings of Elizabeth Shown Mills in her book Evidence!
– There is a Research Log.
– In addition to your People list, you will be able to add businesses to a Business list.
– There is a Building form that you can use to document house histories.
GEDCOM import
– Works directly with Legacy Family Tree

GenSmarts 1.09.16

May 8, 2006

GenSmarts 1.09.16 is now available, just a few days after the release of 1.09.15. GenSmarts is the “Genealogy Research Advisor” for Windows, and it does just that – it reads in your genealogy data and then suggests records and other avenues that should be searched. This version has a bug fixe and a new feature:

– Fixed occasional “access violation” error reading Family Tree Maker files
– Added safeguard against accidently deleting research marks

If you are unsure of what version you have, please check this page.

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