TreeDraw 3.1.4

TreeDraw has been updated to version 3.1.4. TreeDraw is a Windows genealogy utility that generates and controls genealogy charts, including importing from genealogy applications (either linked to like Kith and Kin, or through GEDCOM files). Changes in 3.1.4 * Bug fix: Re-fixed a problem running the program on systems without a C: drive. This is … Read more

Clooz 2.0

Clooz 2.0 is now available (has been available actually). One major change – it now requires Windows XP (because it was rewritten in Visual Basic .Net). This is a very significant update to this genealogy helper application.

GenSmarts 1.09.16

GenSmarts 1.09.16 is now available, just a few days after the release of 1.09.15. GenSmarts is the “Genealogy Research Advisor” for Windows, and it does just that – it reads in your genealogy data and then suggests records and other avenues that should be searched. This version has a bug fixe and a new feature:

– Fixed occasional “access violation” error reading Family Tree Maker files
– Added safeguard against accidently deleting research marks

If you are unsure of what version you have, please check this page.