GEDmill 1.5

GEDmill and GEDmill Pro 1.5 are now available. GEDmill is a GEDCOM to HTML converter, that allows you to place your family tree online. GEDmill 1.5 Pro is a free upgrade for GEDmill Pro users (normal GEDmill 1.5 is free).


    * Creates a separate page for each individual, listing key events in their life, alongside a photograph (if available) and a family tree diagram*.
    * Provides references to all sources. Let’s you can see at a glance where a piece of information has come from, with images of certificates, official documents etc. where available.
    * Option to hide certain individuals. Keep information about living relatives or others out of the website, at your discretion.
    * Works with all good family history programs. Accepts family history data in GEDCOM format. All good family history programs have the option to export data in this format. GEDmill was designed with GEDCOM 5.5 in mind, which is the latest non-markup version of the GEDCOM standard, but it can handle data in earlier formats too!
    * Creates standards compliant HTML web pages. All webpages are W3C XHTML 1.0 compliant.


    * Multi-page individuals index (Pro version)
    * Link to adoptive parents in individual page
    * Adopted children listed under adoptive parents
    * Unmarried couples no longer listed as married
    * Added optional log-file generation
    * Improved font support in forms
    * Correction to background image problem on tree diagrams (Pro version)
    * Transparent gif support for tree diagrams (Pro version)
    * Fixed rare problem where images not produced

Requires: Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003
Cost: Pro version is £15 (approx.$27) , non-Pro – free.

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