RootsMagic 3.0.3

RootsMagic 3.0.3 has been released. You can download the update at the RootsMagic Update Page. Among the changes were additions to the toolbar (PlaceFinder button), the backup dialog has been improved/expanded, updates to the Shareable CD, updates/improvements on importing from other genealogy programs, and miscellaneous bug fixes.


* Added PlaceFinder button for toolbar
* Edit and other windows don’t “migrate” when task bar is other than bottom of screen
* Redesigned backup dialog to allow full file dialog for backups to floppy / hard drive
* “Search > Family list” now works in Shareable CD
* Fixed Reports > Lists > Marriage List
* Fixed JavaScript error during IGI Search auto login on new site
* Adding death fact from Explorer now clears “Living” flag for person
* Fixed problem w/ husband’s name not showing on Edit Family dialog on some systems
* Fixed several problems with Multimedia page for people or families
* Source page doesn’t crash anymore when a source contains a large “actual text” or “comments” field
* PAF5 import handles accented characters better
* FO import: christenings over 110 years ago clear living flag now
* FO import: children are imported in same order as in FO
* Tweaked SmartMerge to avoid merging “Living” who have the same parents
* Added option to turn off BEPS on ped, fam, or desc view for every person
* Shareable CD creator gives option to let user just burn files with their own CD burner

Additionally, the changes for v3.0.2:
* Trailing carriage returns aren’t trimmed off notes anymore
* Fixed bug where “other spouse” button messes up navigation arrows on family view
* Fixed preview when creating shareable CDs
* Installer doesn’t overwrite user’s custom spell check dictionary

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