RootsMagic 3.2.2

April 29, 2006

The Windows genealogy software package, RootsMagic 3, has been updated to version 3.2.2. RootsMagic retails for $29.99, and runs on Windows XP, 95, 98, ME, NT, and 2000.

This is just a minor update. FTM “family notes” now import properly when doing direct FTM import. Other minor tweaks were made to the application as well.

RootsMagic 3.2.1

April 6, 2006

RootsMagic 3

The popular Windows genealogy software, RootsMagic 3 has been updated to version 3.2.1. Among the changes, a character map has been added to the SourceWizard, various UI updates, better priting, better Family Tree Maker important, better searches, and other fixes/updates.

What’s Changed:
* Added character map to SourceWizard
* “Add to todo list” button added to problem list
* “Merge” button added to place list
* “Online Map” button added to place list
* Individual list report (Reports > Lists > Individual list) supports color code printing
* Improvements to FTM import
* Fixed internet search
* Large pictures (pixel wise) now print in group sheets
* IGI search: auto-login works again
* IGI search: you can add parents or spouses you find in a search
* IGI search: better handling of “film” sources
* GEDCOM export doesn’t crash with full length place note anymore
* Alternate names can now print in wall charts
* Alternate name dates now supported in GEDCOM import / export
* Ages over 120 years don’t display on edit screens
* Multimedia list: selected people works for family and event media now

RootsMagic Newsletter (April 2006)

April 5, 2006

RootsMagic, Inc, makers of RootsMagic genealogy software for Windows, released this month’s newsletter, you can read here at

This month’s newsletter covers:
– RootsMagic 3.2.1 Released
– Tip of the Month
– Ogden Utah Regional Family History Center
– User Group News
– Share Your Ideas
– Useful Links

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