PhpGedView 3.3.5

July 28, 2005

PhpGedView v3.3.5 is now out. PhpGedView parses GEDCOM 5.5 genealogy files and displays them on the internet in formats and charts that you are familiar with. It also allows relatives to edit their genealogy online and collaborate together on their research.

Requires: php, SQL-based database (such as MySQL

PhpGedView v3.3.5 is a maintenance release which includes fixes for several bugs since v3.3.4.

FamTree 4.42 (Release 1)

July 25, 2005

FamTree 4.42 (Release 1) is now available.

Famtree v4.40 and 4.41 included 16 new or updated facilities, including

    * Save your data as a complete web site
    * Print Preview facility for all charts, trees, and listings
    * Option to Save your file, hiding the details of living persons
    * View all individuals and family groups by scrolling through the file.
    * Details of individuals now savable as html files.
    * Up to three photographs per individual can now be linked.
    * Can now explicitly differentiate between married and unmarried relationships

Famtree v4.42 enhances these facilities with the following :

    * Display, Print, and Save a complete list of any individual’s relatives
    * Wide Family Group Display enhanced by including relatives’ partners and relatives of the subject’s partner(s).
    * Differentiation between married and unmarried partnerships in the displays now made simpler (if needed)
    * Data entry for marriages and divorces now improved
    * Previews of photos now display in proper proportion

ohmiGene 0.76.3

July 22, 2005

ohmiGene has been updated to version 0.76.3. ohmiGene allows you “to create and to manage genealogies, to import GEDCOM files, to export files in the format GEDCOM, and to publish genealogy to a website. “

Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003 (There is a Mac OS X Version Available – see for details).

Updated: Correction of a bug in the Management of places

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