The Master Genealogist 6.04

* Local sentences are now available for both P1 and P2 when the role is the default role of Principal.
–This allows users to create separate local sentences for each Principal in tags that have two Principals entered.
Note to users who customize local sentences in the default “Principal” role:

    Now that sentences for the two principals can be customized individually, keep in mind that if you customize the sentence for one Principal, the second Principal will continue to use the default sentence unless you also modify the sentence for that second Principal.

* Right-click menu options were added to the ToolTip message field on the Custom Toolbar Manager screen.
* Added an option to allow filtering the List of Tasks report for tasks that are linked to a source that is itself linked to a particular repository. (List of Tasks filter, Field=”Linked Source”, Subfield=”Any linked Repo ID”). Note that this is not the same thing as filtering for tasks that are directly linked to a particular repository (Field=”Linked Repo”).

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