GRAMPS 2.1.0 Soon

According to the GRAMPS blog, the developers are “making quite a bit of progress on our way to a 2.2 stable release. Look for a 2.1.0 development release within the next week or two.” GRAMPS is an open-source standalone genealogy program for Linux and other Unix-like Operating Systems.

CemEditor Version 2.0.0006

CemEditor Version 2.0.0006 has been released. CemEditor is
“transcription software allows for easy entry or importing of information while viewing photos of the monuments. The CemEditor will create files that can be used to create books, web pages, or to view and search using the free CemViewer.” To check your current version, click on the Help Menu, and then the “About” menu. It requires Windows 95 – Windows XP (and beyond).