GRAMPS: Progress in 2.2 Tree

February 5, 2006

The GRAMPS blog has been updated with news of work on GRAMPS 2.2. GRAMPS is an open-source genealogy software program for Linux (and *BSD, Mac OS X, and Windows one of these days). Work is being done on the database, as well as UI improvements. One thing that looks interesting: a modification of the TreeView that can draw a view with 40 thousand rows within a fraction of a second.

Some of the highlights:
Work was done on the database handling – transactions are being used : The use of transactions should ensure that any change to the database file either happens completely (will be atomic and durable) or not at all. It should protect us from corrupted data.

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GRAMPS’ Development Musings

January 4, 2006

If you are curious about the development behind GRAMPS, a genealogy software program for Linux/BSD/etc. systems, and about possible future features, this posting: Festive Musings, is right up your alley. It’s an in-depth look at some of the things one of the developers would like to add to a future version, including discussion of 3rd-party plug-ins.

GDBI 13.1 (Gedcom DataBase Interface)

January 3, 2006

GDBI – Gedcom DataBase Interface, has been updated to version 13.1. GDBI is a “genealogy program integrator”. If you are using PhpGedView, you can use it as a family tree data editor on your local computer (“more convenient and powerful than the web interface”). If you are a Java developer, it’s a GEDCOM API that allows you to write GEDCOM editors and generate reports for several databases. This release adds new features when working with PGV.

Release Notes:

This is the first version with PGV database caching. You can specify a local directory where it creates a local copy in an FSDB database, which is also a new feature. After the records are cached, you can connect with the “Offline” option to use the local copy without connecting to PGV.

Note: PGV = PGV-View – a version of PhpGedView that only allows for showing your genealogy data.

It can be downloaded here (