Passage Express 2.2.01

April 5, 2006

Family Historian 3

Passage Express, a genealogy multimedia presentation application for Windows, was recently updated, to version 2.2.01. It received a “New 1-2-3 Simplified Menu”.

Basically, the steps needed to build your genealogy presentation have been simplified into three main areas:
2)Design Menu

You can read about the new features here. It’s one of the areas of genealogy software that’s been neglected for a long time, and I’m glad to see that it’s coming along nicely.

Passage Express 2.1.46 (alpha)

December 31, 2005

The Windows-based genealogy multimedia presentation application, Passage Express, received two minor updates earlier this week and is now listed as being in alpha testing.

* Fixed error when deleting folders containing slideshow movies
* When burning Video DVD’s, it now does extra “prepare” step only when necessary.

Passage Express 2.1.42 and 2.1.44

December 24, 2005

Two versions of Passage Express were released yesterday. Passage Express is a Windows multimedia/presentation application designed for genealogists.

Version 2.1.44
– When a computer has more than one CD/DVD drive, it may not recognize blank disc

Version 2.1.42
– Titles added to show on slideshows
– Miscellaneous slideshow fixes and enhancements
– Various audio problems fixed.
– Enhanced quality of DVD menus and movies.
– Various DVD and CD burning problems.

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