GDBI v12.3 Patch

A patch for GDBI (GEDCOM Database Interface), v12.3, has been released. GDBI is an open-source, cross-platform program written in Java. It can be downloaded at This is probably the last patch/release for the 12.x line.

GDBI is a genealogy program integrator. It includes an editor and the lifelines report language. It interfaces to 3 GEDCOM databases: phpGedView, GenJ (GenealogyJ), and jLifelines. At the core is a common Java API to simplify adding more databases and editors.

* For PhpGedView users…
GDBI is a family tree editor that runs on your local PC. It is more convenient and powerful than the web interface.

* For Java developers…
GDBI is an API for using GEDCOM, so you can write editors and reports that work with several databases.

What’s New
* Added an import feature for appending one gedcom onto another, but with no merging of common records. In BKEdit select File > GEDCOM > Import

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