GedHTree 2.25

GedHTree version 2.25 from Gary Welker has been released. GedHTree is a GEDCOM to HTML converter. There is a free version available. This program allows you to convert your GEDCOM files into HTML code for sharing your family tree online.


    * Feb 13, 2004 update. Corrected bug which caused error if background color for group pages was changed.
    * Added option to use either Arial or Times New Roman fonts when generating output pages. Checking the “Use Arial fonts for all pages” box will use Arial fonts. If the box is not checked, Times New Roman fonts are used.
    * Added option to Encode email addresses.An EMAIL link will be provided at the bottom of the index and group pages which links to an encoded email address page if you check the “Encode Email Address” box. The email address is displayed in such a way that spammers cannot easily harvest your email address for junk mail purposes.
    * Added option to make a copy of the GedHTree index page (ghtindex.htm (.html) and label it index.htm (.html). This places the copy in the ghtout subdirectory. Use this option if you wish ghtindex to be your website index page.
    * Changed links on Surname and Frequent Surname pages so they now position to the first occurrence of a particular surname on the surname index pages.
    * Made formatting changes to index and group pages for increased readability.
    * Fixed the following bugs: 1) Family group descendant tree root guides were not being displayed unless All-Inclusive Tree output option was also checked. 2) A very small number of icon links on GEDCOM maps were to non-existent pages if birth places were not fully defined for a GEDCOM individual.

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