Second Site v1.9 (build 4)

Second Site 1.9 has been updated to Build 4. This is a maintenance release, with a few fixes, and some new additions. Second Site is a utility that allows you to control how data from The Master Genealogist is published in HTML format (whether it’s for the web or for CD or DVD-ROMs).

* Memo.Suppress Relationship Memo property
* Support for source citations for children entries in the family section
* User-Contributed Formats page

* Tab character handling; tab characters are now ignored if they appear within the [HTML:] and [:HTML] codes

Information for Theme and Format Authors
* Added support for relationship memos to all Formats; see the $memo variable used in the children loop
* Changed the site.sss file for the Generic Graphics Theme to fix the missing parameters problem described above
* Changed all Formats to support citation references for children entries


* Fixed an error where sites with high pages numbers (1 person per page, static page assignments, TMG ID# > 32767) would generate “Overflow” error messages in the Make Site log
* Fixed an error where the Generic Graphics Theme did not include all the CSS parameters for the Column Grid 1, Column Grid 2, and Column Grid 3 classes as defined in other Themes
* Fixed an error where the birth date of excluded living parents would appear in the parent section of the person page entry for a deceased child
* Fixed an error where a parent’s ahnentafel number was not always correct in the XML processed by Formats, leading to parents being out of order in the parent section
* Fixed an error where families weren’t always in the correct sequence when a subject has multiple spouses and at least one union was childless

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